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In The Mind Field [] is a blog created by five veterans of the US military from the Vietnam era, united by an affiliation to progressive politics and an aversion to militarism. The writing covers all areas of politics and culture. Assembled here are my own contributions to this blog.

Criticism & Book Reviews
Apocalypse Now?
The Strange Jeremiads of Christopher Hedges

Déjà Vu All Over Again:
Notes on Jonathan Schell’s Review of “Kill Anything That Moves”

An Enfant Terrible Stumbles Upon the Vietnam War:
A Review of Nick Turse’s Kill Anything That Moves

The Problematic: Penny Lewis Repairs
Some Misconceptions About the Vietnam War

Vietnam Remembered
The New Anti-Communism?
Revising the Meaning of the Vietnam War

The Chomsky Thread

The Spat Upon Vet Revisited

Agent Orange Relief For Vietnam:
Rep. Filner’s Bill Offers Hope

Heeding the Call

STILL WAITIN’ – Vietnam Vets Muse on
the Pentagon Plan to Clean Up the Vietnam War

A Clipping File of Veteran War Crimes
Testimony Circa 1969-1971

Brazil 2014 … but first a Truth Commission

Rio de Janeiro in 1964…

Brazil’s 1964 Coup: What ‘Communist Conspiracy’?

The Night of the Generals:
When Brazilians Were Tortured and Disappeared

Brazilian Torturer Found Murdered

The Case of the Dead Brazilian Torturer Gets Murkier

Strange Vibes in Van Buren

No County for Young Men or Women. Or is it?

Maine’s Clown Prince of Buncombe: Back in the Center Ring…

Personal Essays
Surviving PTSD

Annals of the New Left: Dissing Golub

Slouching Toward Babylon: My Fiftieth High School Reunion