Veteran Scholar

Joint Byline

Apart from some Vietnam war-related poetry, my earliest published writings were almost entirely co-authored with Tod Ensign. The topics for these articles and occasional book reviews were intimately linked to the activist work our organization, Citizen Soldier, undertook in a given period during the 1970s and early 1980s around Agent Orange, Unionizing the US Military, revolutionary developments in Portugal, and so on. A selection of that output is gathered under this heading. The one longer work here in which Tod was not involved is the interview conducted with the Brazilian theoretician and teacher of literacy, Paulo Freire.

     An Interview With Paulo Freire — Old Westbury Review
          Winter 1985-86

     GI Guinea Pigs — 1980

     Radical America — Update On Portugal — October 1976

     The Dellums Committee Hearings on War Crimes in Vietnam
          — 1972