Veteran Scholar


Gathered under this heading is material written for the most part to be delivered orally at convocations and public meetings. Much of it has been published in one form or another. Other shorter pieces, like Op Eds, are also included here.

     Entering the Aura of the Dead, The Wall
          — Vietnam Full Disclosure, April 19, 2015

     Sworn testimony of Michael Uhl before the
          House Government Operations Subcommittee,
          August 2, 1971

     PTSD From the Inside Out
          Veterans For Peace Newsletter Editorial, July 2008

     Wal-Mart Is the Problem — Lincoln County News

     The Politics of PTSD — Bangor Daily News, March 9 2006

     Kerry and the Year of the Veteran — Bangor Daily News,
          March 18 2004

     Anti-War Veterans Raise their Voices — Peacework,
          May 2003

     Occupying the Contested Zones of Meaning —
          Peacework, February 1995