Veteran Scholar


I began my professional writing career circa 1982, freelancing for trade magazines in the emerging field of personal computing, then quickly — and briefly — jumped into national consumer magazines like Forbes, Geo, House Beautiful and Travel & Leisure, and wrote on a variety of topics. With a couple of exceptions, these materials will not appear on the Veteran Scholar website. As is easily demonstrable by much of what is posted on the site, these slicks were not the appropriate outlets for someone of my particular orientation, neither political nor psychological. If I had pursued my career along those lines, I would have certainly made a lot more money, but I would have had to surrender control over the ideas and subjects that meant the most to me. Moreover, I would have been much less motivated to develop the style and voice that best communicates what I wish to express. Before 1982, and beginning around 1971, virtually all my writing was linked to the activities of Citizen Soldier, a GI and veteran advocacy group operating from New York City, and published under co-authorship. Some of these works can be seen under the heading Joint Byline. Indeed very few articles actually appear under this heading, since, in recent years, most of my published shorter pieces have been book reviews, and these can be found on the Home Page under Criticism.

     My Lai — Mekong Review, February-April, 2018

     Hué Back When: Vietnam’s Pivotal Battle Reconsidered —
          Counterpunch, September 20, 2017

     Guns & Religion in a Small Town on Memorial Day —
          Counterpunch, June 16, 2017

     Commemorate This! —
          Counterpunch, April 3, 2017

     Vietnam's Shadow Over Abu Ghraib —
, July 31, 2004

     Warriors For Peace —
          The Nation, August 24, 2003

     The Missing Story: Searching for Vietnam's MIA's —
          The Nation, November 14, 1994

     Falling In Love With An Abandoned Farm —
          House Beautiful, January 1986

     Living Dolls — GEO, July 1984