Veteran Scholar


Most of the criticism I’ve written since the mid-1990s for such outlets as The Nation magazine and the Sunday Boston Globe Book Review, is directly or indirectly related to the Vietnam War. As a published writer during that period, this is the area in which I have been most productive, creating a body of work that I look upon with pride.

     Previewing Burns/Novick: A Tale of Two Critics —
          Counterpunch, August 26, 2017

     The Bloodbath in Vietnam Was Us - Hue Back When —
          Counterpunch, November 4, 2017

     Combat and Reconciliation — The Boston Sunday Globe,
          June 26 2005

     Armed With the Facts — Vermont Guardian, December 2004

     A Skillful Chronicle of Kerry's Conflicts — The Boston Globe,
          January 19 2004

     War & Remembrance — The Boston Globe, February 16 2003

     Warriors' Honor and the Ordeal of Survival — PeaceWork,
          July/August 2002

     That's Vietnam, Jake — The Nation, July 9 2001

     The Jaws of Victory — The Boston Sunday Globe,
          August 1, 1999

     War and Madness — PeaceWork,
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     Obsessed by Vietnam — The Dissident, June 1997

     On the Lam From Vietnam — The Nation, September 18 1995

     How We Bombed in Laos — The Washington Post,
          September 17 1995

     Bombing for the Hell of It — The Nation, June 12 1995

     Travels With Charlie — The Nation, February 27 1995

     The God That Resigned — the Progressive, February 1995

     Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam —
          the Progressive, September 1986

     Gung Ho — the Progressive, October 1981